Top ten must have ringtones:

Cell phones themselves are no more standing symbols -- everyone and their mother (and grandmother and 10-year-old sister) has one. The dull rings which are typical in elderly handsets do not impress anymore; there is something about a monotone rendition of The Rolling Stones' Start Me Up or even Eminem's Lose Yourself that simply does not really cut it.

Now, if you would like to create a statement with your phone, or you merely wish to make it your personal, downloadable ring tones would be the thing to do. Together with the polyphonic sounds which most new mobiles make, the rings are pretty damn near the paths they attempt to imitate.

Have a look at our listing of the best 20 ring tones so as to actually customize your mobile with these free ringtone music downloads.

10. American Idiot - Green Day

Using its rapid beat and guitar rhythms, any avid music lover will certainly recognize"American Idiot." On top of that, this ring tone can be practical; thanks to the high heeled guitar launching, you will never miss a call.

Who it is for: The punk rocker who enjoys"casual Fridays" and prefer to hit a pub and then cut on a rug in a bar is really going to love this tone.


The catchy beat and simple lyrics create"My Boo" a fantastic sing-along monitor, and also the polyphonic tone, the ring does a fantastic job . You will have difficulty ignoring the need to hum the words of My Boo whenever someone calls you.

Who it is for: To have this ring tone, you've got to be a blessed man with a fantastic woman by your side if not, your friends will only tease you to no conclusion.

8. Bump Bump Bump - B2K

A favorite club hit upon its release, B2K's"Bump Bump Bump" remains a favorite of DJs across the nation. If this hip hop track begins whirling, all you can do is dancing, or nod your head, to the beat. Do not forgetthis a popular for the women' too.

Who it is for: You do not need to become a huge hip hop fan to get this ring tone. Anyone who enjoys watching a fly woman make her body move"bump bump bump" can love exactly what this tone has to offer you.

7. Crazy In Love - Beyonce

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh... that is correct, Beyonc's largest hit can now be downloaded to your mobile. Any women within hearing distance is now able to shake it like that Destiny's Child if your phone rings, that is not a bad thing.

Who it is for: The guy who appreciates a tricky beat, mainstream hits and MTV will love this tone.

6. Milkshake - Kelis

Total of sexual innuendo,"Milkshake" caught on due to its orgasmic lyrics and tight defeat. The monitor's carnival-like rhythm makes for a fantastic ring. It is loud enough to be noticed and initial that you won't eliminate it after two or three days.

Who it is for: If you generally burst your songs from the glossy, tinted sports car and try to find any chance to meet a hot young thing, this ring has your name all over it.


A fantastic track to burst on your audio system, Sean Paul's reggae success has come to be one of the most popular ring tones thanks to its own thumping, readily identifiable tune. You blend the very best of reggae and pop beats for this particular tone.

Who it is for: Those youthful experts who take advantage of the weekends, staying late when possible, will enjoy having"Get Busy" in their phone.

4. Hey Ya! - Outkast

The diverse Andre 3000 and his team came out with this crossover smash, switching lovers to the amazing methods of Outkast. Mobile phone users are now able to bring this funk together anywhere they go using a ring tone quality which does justice to the first.

Who it is for: For bizarre off the wall, spontaneous kinds,"Hey Ya!" is a haymaker.

3. Just Lose It - Eminem

One of Slim Shady's latest controversial yet popular tunes,"Just Lose It" brings lovers of rap and popup. Distinctive with its catchy chorus and distinctive"ah ah ah ah!" Chantthis track creates a perfect transition into your phone.

Who it is for: The rebel who lives life by his own rules will observe "Just Lose It" matches him into a"t."

2. Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy

A complete mixture of Caribbean beats and tricky rhythms, this readily recognizable song will capture everyone's interest. This is a practical ring tone that is easy on the ears a winning combination.

Who it is for: ideal for the man who likes to pick up girls, stating just hot girls call him on his mobile phone.

1. Make It Clap - Busta Rhymes feat. Spliff Star

"Make it Clap" is one of these tracks that never gets old no matter how often you listen to it. That is why it functions as a fantastic ring tone; the highly danceable beat and"clap clap" chorus is ideal for those new polyphonic mobiles.

Who it is for: The rookie businessman who is constantly on the move will love the pace and effortless listening to this"Make it Clap" ring.

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